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This spring season we are highlighting our private wilderness hikes, the wild flowers are coming.

Our flexible 3-4 hour Superstition Mountain hike easily accommodates any time constraints and allows guests to have a true wilderness experience right in our own backyard. Our record El Nino rains are sure to provide for a brilliant carpet of colorful desert blooms.

While many guests request a quick hike, what they really want is to explore the trail. Camelback, Squaw Peak and the McDowell’s though closer, are crowded, expert level challenges and not nearly as much fun as a desert hike alone on a wilderness path. 

Our short 30 minute drive is packed with insightful information on our ancient canal builders the Hohokam, an introduction to the modern Pima culture and the history of Arizona’s mining & motion picture industry in the Superstition Mountains and brings us to the First Water Wilderness Trailhead. 

The hike to Hackberry Spring is a gentle walk or a mountain climb, perfect for families to accommodate all skill levels. The trail takes us off the beaten path to explore the epic raw beauty that is Phoenix’s volcanic caldera.  Along the way we point out the Sonoran Deserts cornucopia of edible & medicinal plants that have sustained ancient peoples for millennium. The spring itself has flowed for centuries, filtering for thousands of years through the porous basalt, providing vital water to all the living things in the area.

Chances are we will not see any other people on our path. Guests rave “we had no idea the desert was so green,” they love getting out and enjoying these intimate, educational, eye candy journeys.  It’s hard to believe standing there in the wild that 4 million people live just a few miles away. 

Tours include backpacks, water, juices, Arizona teas, fresh fruit, nuts and snack bars.

Superstition Mountains
4-5 Hours $150.00 pp
Children 10 and under $130.00

Minimum: $550.00

Superstition Mountains
6-7 Hours $175.00 pp
Children 10 and under $155.00

Minimum: $695.00

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