My Arizona Guide prepares you on the way with a slide show of things to look for when the pavement ends. Not all the cactus bloom at the same time of year. Some bloom in the spring, some in summer and some in fall. We won’t get a chance to see all the creatures so we have created a DVD presentation to share with you the many year round wonders of the desert.  Lets create your own memories.  Call “My Arizona Guide”.

Traveling through the city, en route to the Tonto National Forest, is not the most scenic portion of the trip. “My Arizona Guide” has filled this space with custom slide presentations of the many plants and animals of the desert. This is a great preview of some of the things we hope to see on our trip through the Sonoran Desert.

On one of your stops for photos, leg stretching or just checking out the scenery, “My Arizona Guide” has a box of desert gems, bones, skins, fossils and other Sonoran Desert finds for you to enjoy.

Do you like maps? Follow along with topographical maps of the area. We also have some maps dating back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Phoenix does’nt even appear on the map. We also have trail maps, field guides and Arizona Highways to peak your interest. All vehicles have GPS units and we would love to show you how to track our tours.

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All tours carry with them a Treasure Box of what you can find in the Sonoran Desert including  plants, bones, fossils,  minerals and gemstones and other memorabilia .  Our guides are Arizona Herpetological Association Members and sanctioned reptile specialists and would be happy to bring along some desert  dwellers.  We are Tonto National Forest Certified Guides and expert off road enthusiasts. 

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